Upcoming Events

Our vision of a vital church is one that is full of people and activity, not just on Sunday, but during the week as well. If you look at the calendar, most days you’ll find something going on here—a Small Group Ministry meeting on Monday, a brown-bag lunch with the minister on Tuesday, choir rehearsal or a Board of Trustees meeting on Wednesday. In addition to church activities, from committee meetings to potluck suppers to yoga classes, we like to welcome and serve the wider community. We feed the hungry at Community Meals two Saturdays a month, and host Community Action’s Drop-in Center five days a week and the Open Hand Food Pantry, which is run by Catholic Charities, two days a week.


Congregational Administrator Lisa Compton is the keeper of our church calendar. Please contact her if you have questions about church events or would like to talk about adding an event to the calendar.


Below you’ll find a detailed list of upcoming events. We invite you to join us!

6/17 2:30 pm
Community Meals
6/18 9:15 am
Choir Rehearsal
6/18 10:30 am
Sunday Worship
6/18 6:00 pm
MoonPool Coven
6/18 7:00 pm
6/19 5:30 pm

"Self Management for Addiction Recovery" is a small group, non 12-step program led by a trained facilitator who is a member of the UU church in Newburyport. People who are living with or recovering from any form of addictive behavior are welcome. This is a worldwide, international program.

6/19 7:00 pm
Mindful Meditation
6/20 3:00 pm
Play Church

Play Church is a drop-in time geared toward families with younger children. Usually hosted by Rev. Frank and/or Clare, the children play and parents (hopefully) get some time to have tea and connect. All are welcome!

6/20 7:00 pm
6/22 9:30 am
Worship Committee