Nursery & Preschool

Our goal in the Nursery and Preschool Classrooms is to show our youngest friends that church is a safe and fun place to be.

The nursery is open Sunday at 10:25 am and caregivers are welcome to stay with their babies and toddlers as they get used to the nursery. In the Preschool/Kindergarten Classroom, we begin with opening rituals that include a song, a sharing stone “check-in,” a unison affirmation, and tactile play.

After the opening ritual, we read a story while sharing a healthy snack. The story will often relate to the monthly worship theme or be based on a lesson from the “Spirit Play” or “Treasure Hunting Take Two” Curricula.

Several times a year, our focus will be on spiritual practices like yoga, mindfulness, loving kindness meditation, or gratitude. Other RE rituals include service projects such as making fleece hats for local people in need during the December Holidays.