Junior Youth (Grades 6-9) begin their morning with opening rituals that include check-ins and a chalice-lighting. Senior Youth (Grades 10-12) do not gather officially on Sunday mornings, but are welcome to stay in the service to experience the sermon or join the Junior Youth upstairs in their classroom.

From September 2016 - December 2017, our Junior Youth are using the “Building Bridges” Curriculum to explore neighboring faiths such as Judaisim, Hinduism, Buddhism, Bahaism, and many others. During alternate years, curricula used with Junior Youth include “Traditions with a Wink” and “Coming of Age.” In addition, many youth participate in the Junior High “Our Whole Lives” Comprehensive Sexuality Education Program during their 8th Grade year, which we sponsor on Sunday nights in partnership with a few local churches.

Senior Youth meet periodically throughout the year for potluck dinners, fellowship, and service opportunities. Every few years, UUCH offers the ever-popular High School “Our Whole Lives” Program that reviews and expands on the Junior High Comprehensive Sexuality Education program.

Photo of the Youth Group with a community meal they prepared