Annual Service Auction Preview

 Annual Service Auction - March 25th, 2017

Below is a preview of auction items

The Auction – March 25, 2017 – Preview of Items           U.U. Church of Haverhill


Fall Harvest Dinner                                                Donated By:  Bonnie and Paul Floyd, Value:  $45

Fall appetizers, dinner, dessert and beverage for 8 people at the house of Bonnie and Paul Floyd on October 7, 2017.


Country Style Picnic at Willow Brook Farm                  Donated By:  Tom Ellis and Pat Bowe, Value:  $20 pp

Join Tom Ellis, Patrick Bowe and the critters at their farm in West Newbury for a Country style picnic. Culinary delights to include southern fried chicken (not our chickens of course), country style ribs, maple baked beans, corn bread, biscuits, cobbler,buttermilk pie, plus other yet to be determined goodies. Saturday, July 15th at noon.  Up to: 20 people.


Ride to and from Logan or Manchester Airport               Donated By:  Clare Fortune-Lad, Value:  $50-100

Ride includes muffins and a special personalized playlist for trip.


24 Guinness Chocolate Cupcakes                                   Donated By:  Clare Fortune-Lad, Value:  $30

Cupcakes made with Bailey's Buttercream frosting….great for St. Patrick's Day!


Two Hours of Coaching with iPhone                                 Donated By:  Michelle Leger, Value:  $200

Many people have difficulties using or setting up their Iphone. Get help with your Iphone and get it to do what you need it to!


French Meal for 6                                                    Donated By:  Susan Fall Clarke, Value:  $150

The best known of the French provincial dishes which made the transition from peasant cooking to haute cuisine, Boeuf a la Bourguignonne is a glorious stew of beef braised in red burgandy, flambeed with cognac and combined with bacon, beef stock, garlic and bouquet garni, pearl onions and button mushrooms. It is traditionally served with potatoes. Your French dinner will consist of Boeuf Bourguignon, boiled potatoes, bread, lettuce salad with Roquefort dressing, the same Cotes de Beaunes Lillages in whichthe beef was cooked, and a dessert. On a day agreed upon, I will deliver your meal to your house, with specific instructions for re-heating. This dish is my oldest, favorite specialty, inspired by my love and admiration for Julia Child and have been preparing for many years.


Brunch at Nicky's                                                       Donated By:  Nicky Haginicolas, Value:  $

Elegant 4-course champagne brunch at my home on the river in Haverhill.  Up to 8 people.


Photo Shoot                                                             Donated By:  Valerie Osborne, Value:  $

I will take some 20 photos of you (your choice - with/without family or pet(s)).  They will be printed and you will also receive a thumb drive containing all the photos for you to print more copies.  MUCH cheaper than going to a studio/mall photographer!Please give several weeks notice. Location of shoot to be within about 30 minute drive from Haverhill.


Sinfully Delicious English Trifle Delux                                Donated By:  Valerie Osborne, Value:  $25

Made with cake, custard sauce, heavy cream, strawberries, blueberries, almonds, jam, fruit juice and sherry and brandy. Can be made without alcohol but what a shame to miss the yummy!! Great for special occasion as the concoction looks pretty and tastes great.


One Week in Vinalhaven, Maine during July             Donated By:  Doug and Margret Rosene, Value:  $1000

One week (Sunday to Sunday) in our cottage at 18 Wylie Road, Seal Cove on the island of Vinalhaven, Maine in July (any one of the weeks starting July 9, 16, 23, or 30). The specific week to be negotiated. Vinalhaven is 13 miles out in Penobscot Bay and accessed by Maine State Ferry Service from Rockland Maine (6 trips per day, 16 - 20 cars per boat). The cottage sleeps 14 comfortably, has full amenities including clothes washer and dryer, dishwasher and internet but NO TV.  Deck and screened porch overlook Seal Cove. Canoe and bicycles available. Short drive to fresh water swimming quarries or salt water beaches, nature conservancy areas and overlooks.  Caveat Emptor: If you love the restaurants, shops and hustle and bustle of Marthas Vineyard, you will likely hate Vinalhaven!  :-))


Fall Dinner for 6                                            Donated By:  Merry Newhall and Roy Wright, Value:  $30

When the air gets crisp, and the leaves begin to change, it's the perfect time for this wonderful fall dinner. Join Roy and Merry for an old family favorite at our house on Sunday, Oct. 22nd at 5 pm. Menu: Appetizers, Fresh out of the oven Boston Baked Beans, Baked Ham, Roasted Veggies, Cole Slaw, Brown Bread and Roy's famous Apple Crisp.


Bowling Tournament                                    Donated By:  Erika Lowrey and Lynn LaFerla, Value:  $25 pp

Bowling Tournament at Academy Lanes in Bradford. Need 8 people: 4 for Team Erika and 4 for Team Lynn. Winner gets bragging certificate! Tournament includes shoe rental, pizza and beverage. Saturday, June 17, 2017 at 6 pm.


Holiday Egg Nog                                                            Donated By:  Erika Lowrey, Value:  $

Get a half gallon of fresh home-made egg nog delivered for the holiday season....or any season!  The Carpenter family recipe (from Erikas step-father) includes brandy, dark rum, and nutmeg.  Share with guests, give some as gifts (in mason jars is festive), or enjoy it all yourselves!  Up to 6 half gallons.


Dinner Party for Four at Your Home                         Donated By:  Val LaBelle and Carol Adler, Value:  $75

Invite another couple over for dinner and savor a fun night in at the most exclusive joint in town: your dining room table. Dinner for 4 to be delivered between 5-6 pm to your home, or desired location within a reasonable distance of our church. Your delicious dinner will include appetizer, entree, dessert and bottle of wine/bubbly (alcoholic or nonalcoholic). All food restrictions and preferences will be considered when creating your special menu. Food will be prepared and delivered hot and ready to eatin disposable containers. A mutally acceptable date to be determined by the parties involved.


Garden Soiree                                 Donated By:  Abbe Wertz, Delight Reese, Connor & Aidan, Value:  $25 pp

Come meander the fantastic gardens of Delight. Snack on delicious quiches, fruits, chocolate loaf and other amazing desserts and enjoy string music of many styles from Connor and Aidan. This will be the last soiree before Connor and Aidan go off to college so don't miss it! July 1st.  maximum 20 people


Wellness/Healing Session                                              Donated By:  Maria Jacobs, Value:  $125

One hour total time of a wellness/healing session private, or group format can include yoga, dance, meditation and reiki….from a fitness class to guided meditaion. Can be customized to the holder's need. Facilitated by a certified yoga/dance instructor.


Yoga Classes                                                                Donated By:  Jane Hucks, Value:  $45

3 yoga classes for 2 bidders. Kundalini yoga is to be taught at my home at 1 South Maple Ave, Bradford, MA on Mondays 4-5:30 pm. Other yogis may be present. Class includes breathwork, exercises and meditation. Bring mat and any cushions to sit comfortly on your mat. Chairs also available.


Archetype Workshop                                                    Donated By:  Pat Gutta, Value:  $25 pp

Archetype Workshop 8-12 people. All of us identify with various archetypes and use these throughout our lives. Some are dominant at different stages, others may interfere with our ability to interact appropriately. Come and find out which archetypes you function with and how they help or hurt your relationships. Role playing.


Puerto Rican Pig Roast aka Christmas in July     Donated By:  Yolanda Negron and Eliot Guadalupe, Value:  $25 pp

Celebrate Christmas in July, enjoy traditional Puerto Rican Cuisine including a pig roast and sangria, and share in the family and fun.... We will be blending cultures and doing a YANKEE  swap. As part of the auction package, Yolanda & Eliot will provideeach guest with their pre-wrapped gift for the swap (no need to dig out your Christmas paper). Feliz Navidad! Up to 15 people.


Time Organization                                                       Donated By:  Melissa Ferris, Value:  $40

1 hour of time organization and decluttering service. Re-claim your space and gain more time. Simplify and order that room that needs a little help.


Musings by the Lake                                                 Donated By:  Joanna Fortna, Value:  $25 pp

A playful poetry writing session on the shore of Kenoza Lake. Up to 6 people


Vegetarian "Snobby Joe"                                             Donated By:  Karen Shramko, Value:  $15

Frozen vegetarian "Snobby Joe", a "Sloppy Joe" lentil based alternative. To be eaten with rolls (not provided) or with cooked vegetables and/or salad. Two containers of 4C per container.


Jazz Duets                                                             Donated By:  Tad and Valerie, Value:  $400

Jazz duets with guitar, flute and saxophone


Tray of Baklava                                              Donated By:  Sandra DeVellis and Cil Dullea, Value:  $50

A 9x13 tray of baklava bites. This homemade yummy nut and filo treat can be yours.  A weeks notice required.


Southern Dinner                                            Donated By:  Tracey and Frank Clarkson, Value:  $30 pp

Join Tracey and Frank at their home in Portsmouth on Friday, June 16 for a multi-course Southern dinner featuring such favorites as N.C. pork barbeque, shrimp and grits, fried chicken and strawberry shortcake. Probably not a good choice for vegetarians and gluten intolerant folks! Up to 10 people.


Boat Tour                                                   Donated By:  Tracey and Frank Clarkson, Value:  $150 pp

3 hour boat tour with Cap'n Frank. Will take up to 3 people on his 18' boat for tour around the Piscataqua River in Portsmouth. Snacks and stories included…fishing optional!


Computer/Network Service/Training                           Donated By:  Christopher Shramko, Value:  $100

Slow computer?  Need help figuring out how to print?  How to configure backups or stream to your TV? 3 hours of computer lessons and assistance is available!


Walking UU History Tour                    Donated By:  Terry Koukias, Erika Lowrey, and Anne Doughty, Value:  $45

A 2-hour walking tour in Boston led by HUUMS (the Harvard Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Students).  "This tour explores the history of Unitarians and Universalists in the US, and asks participants to grapple with social, cultural, and religious questions about the history of our denomination and how we have--or have not--stood on the side of love."  Lunch in Boston is included. Target date June 10th.  Up to 15 people.


Car Interior Detailing                                                     Donated By:  Erika Lowrey, Value:  $60

A fresh car for Spring!  A thorough interior cleaning - surfaces, floors, windows, seats (no shampooing).  At your home on a weekend day that's mutually agreed upon, once the weather is a bit warmer…


Holiday Egg Nog                                                       Donated By:  Erika Lowrey, Value:  $15 per

Get a half gallon of fresh home-made egg nog delivered for the holiday season.  The Carpenter family recipe (from Erikas step-father) includes brandy, dark rum, and nutmeg.  Share with guests, give some as gifts, or enjoy it all yourselves!  Up to 6 separate half gallons.


Past Life Regression Session                                            Donated By:  Patty Gutta, Value:  $200

Patricia Gutta, a certified and licensed hypnotherapist with a specialty of Past Life Regression, offers one session of Past Life Regression. Estimated time 1-2 hour pre-session plus 1-2 hour Regression and evaluation...  Gain insights into behaviors or attitudes, fears or preferences you experience today through a safe journey into your own memories of your past lives.  Place and times to be negotiated between us.  If 4 or more people are bidding I will offer an additional session.


Guided Hike                                                         Donated By:  Richard Lombard, Value:  $35 pp

Guided hike led by Richard Lombard, who regularly leads hikes in the area for The Trust of Reservations and Essex County Greenbelt Association, for 10 people on April 22 at 1 pm. Check out the website at


Complete Kayak Package                                             Donated By:  Maggie Reeves, Value:  $750

L.L Bean Manatee 10 foot kayak with paddle, Thule Horizontal kayak carrier and kayak cart. Used only 2 times.


8 oz. Glass Milk Bottle                                                Donated By:  Richard Lombard, Value:  $10

8 oz. glass milk bottle from Clover Dairy formerly located in Haverhill, MA. Bottle's date is uncertain but suspect object is over 35 years old, and in excellent condition. The green labeling is still clear and sharp, offering a window into Haverhill's agricultural past.


UUCH Ornament                                                Donated By:  Membership Committee, Value:  $10

Flat Circular Lucite ornament with gold picture of the church.  Quantity 10.


Bird Bath                                                                  Donated By:  Erika Lowrey, Value:  $30


Gift Card Tree                                                   Donated By:  Caring Ministries Committee, Value:  $

Assorted gift cards


Infant Bouncy Seat                                                       Donated By:  Lynn LaFerla, Value:  $10

Colorful, musical infant bouncy seat


Lampshades                                                           Donated By:  Lynn LaFerla, Value:  $5 each

Two medium, round tan lampshades


Fringed Toss Pillow                                                        Donated By:  Lynn LaFerla, Value:  $5

Copper color fringed toss pillow


Assorted Invitations                                                      Donated By:  Lynn LaFerla, Value:  $2

Invitations include 9 Let's Get Together cards, 22 Baby Shower cards and 23 Graduation cards


Great Classic Stories                                                      Donated By:  Doris Myers, Value:  $45

Great Classic Stories. 6 CD's


Back Massage Cushion                                                   Donated By:  Doris Myers, Value:  $40

Back massage cushion with heat


Green and Cranberry Vase                                               Donated By:  Doris Myers, Value:  $30

7 " Glass Green and Cranberry Vase


Snowman Quilt                                                          Donated By:  Doris Myers, Value:  $100

28" X 48" Snowman Quilt


Gift Certificate                                                             Donated By:  Doris Myers, Value:  $25

Gift certificate to Butch's Uptown


A Round of Golf for 4                                                Donated By:  Barbara Donegan, Value:  $280

A round of golf from The Ledges in York, ME


Handmade Cushion                                                   Donated By:  Valerie Osborne, Value:  $25

Hand-embroidered cushion with cross-stitch scene of quaint houses


Depression Glass Fruit Bowl                                            Donated By:  Melissa Ferris, Value:  $45

13" X 2.25" pink depression glass fruit/serving bowl


Bohemian Earrings                                                      Donated By:  Melissa Ferris, Value:  $20

Bohemian style pair of round, aqua earrings, never worn


Stoneface Brewery Basket                                               Donated By:  Taffy Jervey, Value:  $50

Stoneface brewery basket


LL Bean TV Cabinet                                              Donated By:  Tracey and Frank Clarkson, Value:  $

This LL Bean table with cabinet below used to hold an aquarium which would work for a smaller TV or other item


Wood Desk and Chair                                        Donated By:  Tracey and Frank Clarkson, Value:  $100

Wood desk stained blue with single drawer and clear finished wood chair with rush seat.


Watercolor Painting                                                     Donated By:  Megan Shea, Value:  $25


Watercolor Painting                                                        Donated By:  Judy Allen, Value:  $45


Framed Wildlife Print                                                       Donated By:  Bob McPhee, Value:  $


Snow Scene Print                                                           Donated By:  Sarina Ryan, Value:  $

Snow Scene print 11 X 14 Matted


Framed Print                                                              Donated By:  Lynn LaFerla, Value:  $50

Print of rust colored trees matted and framed in bronze colored frame


Leslie McGrath Artwork                                                 Donated By:  Abbe Wertz, Value:  $150

Leslie McGrath is a local artist, and UU friend, whose iconic Haverhill Bridge poster has graced the cover of Haverhill Magazine and is sold in many galleries dowtown. Don't miss out on the opportunity to hang her artwork in your own home.


Nicaraguan Vase                                                         Donated By:  Abbe Wertz, Value:  $100

This vase was hand thrown by Pedro Guerrero, official master potter of Nicaragua and lovingly and carefully hand-carried to the States by the UUCH Nicaragua delegation. It's one of a kind piece of art with a history behind it already!


Silk Wall Hanging                                                        Donated By:  Anne Doughty, Value:  $30

Mauve silk wall hanging depicting gray cat and butterfly


Fragrance Diffuser                                                        Donated By:  Erika Lowrey, Value:  $15


Cruelty-free Beauty Basket                                         Donated By:  Kirsten Wunderlich, Value:  $75

Our 7th Principle is "respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part". There is still a lot of animal testing in the beauty industry. Fortunately, there are companies committed to not testing on animals….this basket is filled with a selection of cruelty-free items such as skin care for sensitive skin, mascara, eyeliner, a neutral eyeshadow and much more.


New Moon Coffeehouse Season Passes                                Donated By:  Carol Allen, Value:  $320

Season pass for 2 for the 30th season, Sep 2017 to May 2018, Saturdays at UUCH. Sample of past performers include Atwater-Donnelly, Lula Wiles, John Gorka, The Bombadils & Kerri Powers, Mustard's Retreat & David Dodson with the Lowdown, and Rev. Robert Jones.



The Auction event will have complete brochures.

If you cannot attend The Auction but would like to bid on items, contact Erika Lowrey: 603-362-4686,