Photo of William lighting the Chalice at Sunday Service

Our community gathers on Sunday mornings at 10:30 for worship. We sing, we say prayers, light candles, and sit in silence together. We behold one another and sense the Spirit moving in our midst.

We worship at other times too; when we gather in a small group, or sit in Buddhist meditation or come for Vespers. The ways we serve can be worship too: feeding the hungry at Community Meals, working for justice, helping to heal and bless our world.

Photo of flower with candle in darkened sanctuary

To worship is to stand in awe under a heaven of stars, before a flower, a leaf in sunlight or a grain of sand. To worship is to work with dedication and with skill; it is to pause from work and listen to a strain of music. Worship is loneliness seeking communion; it is a thirsty land crying out for rain. Worship is the mystery within us reaching out to the mystery beyond. It is an inarticulate silence yearning to speak; it is the window of the moment open to the sky of the eternal.

—Jacob Trapp, UU minister, 1899–1992